Simulated Patient Monitor with Vital Signs Monitor REALITi Plus

REALITi Plus is a highly advanced patient monitor and vital signs simulator system developed by iSimulate. REALITi Plus is the basic version of the REALITi modular system to get you started with one patient monitor of your choice. More modules can be added at any time so your system can adapt to changing requirements for your simulation.

REALITi simulation systems mimic real defibrillators and monitors

The 3B Scientific and iSimulate teams will be happy to arrange a demo with you. When contacting us, you can already specify which patient monitor screen you want to use for your medical training.

You can choose mimicked screens from Zoll, Corpuls, Philips and many more. 1 screen is included in the purchase of your REALITi Plus.

REALITi Plus is also called a “complete simulation ecosystem”. You get everything you need for a high quality simulation in one custom designed bag that looks like an actual patient monitor and houses all equipment needed. The set-up is extremely easy and fast and you will save valuable time in preparing your training scenario.

Delivery content of REALITi Plus:

  • 1 Patient Monitor screen of your choice
  • 1 Simulation bag with cases and leads
  • 1 WiFi Router
  • 1 Monitor Tablet
  • 1 Instructor Tablet with hard case

Looking for more?

If you are looking for a more advanced Simulation and Debriefing system, have a look at REALITi Pro by iSimulate. The REALITi Pro Patient Simulation system includes 5 patient monitors (choose 5 screens to train with instead of 1), CPR feedback and video debriefing hardware and software.

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